Web Design & Development
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Stor-a-File provide specialist document management solutions to companies across the UK. Their services include storing, scanning, capturing and shredding of documents. With every step handled by experienced professionals, Stor-a-File pride themselves on their high quality, secure and environmentally-friendly service. However, they felt that their old website didn’t reflect this ethos adequately. So they got in touch with us to help them develop a new, responsive website that would better represent who they are and what they do.

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One of the most important aspects of the new Stor-a-File site is that it would be responsive. Responsive design is a key requirement for any website these days because it enables sites to be viewed and interacted with on any screen size. And, with so many devices being used to browse the internet nowadays - from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops - it’s vital that your site has the functionality that enables people to see and use it with ease.

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The new website remains quite a small, neat site that centres around Stor-a-File’s core services. However, we have added a couple of extra pages to give customers important additional information, such as the Full Service page, which explains how Stor-a-File can provide a complete, end-to-end document management service, and the Why Stor-a-File? page, where customers can learn more about Stor-a-File’s environmental, security and quality standards.

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In terms of design, the main feature of the new site are the bespoke illustrations. These eye-catching and engaging additions are further enhanced by a bright, fresh colour scheme and parallax effects, which enhance the UI and visual impact on many of the pages. Practical features are also prevalent, from the consistent calls to action to the Quick Quote form that clients can submit whilst they browse the site.